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The dropships landed in the hanger bays of the Truth and Thunder, it was docked with the crippled human vessel and another that was perfectly ok with light damage. A massive CAS Capital Ship hovered above the small fleet  that surrounded the human ships to protect them.
Arch walked watched the dropships beginning to drop off the troops that where from the planet surface and the human prisoners, there was more then he thought. Suddenly a flash appeared out of the corner of his eye, he looked over to see the location of the downed UNSC Destroyer on the planet...was nothing but a massive detonation that took out 100 square miles from what he could tell.
"Special Operations" he scuffed, he knew they would detonate the reactors on the human ship to erase their presence. Suddenly he heard a whine, he looked over to see The Supreme Commander carrying a human female and a human child on his back, running extremely fast and being followed by armed humans. He was surprised to see this, so he took off after the Supreme Commander to find out what's going on. He saw the Brute Chieftain, he stopped "Rakor! What's going on?" he asked.

The Chieftain looked at him "The Human Female is pregnant and about to give birth, and these humans are going to the brig for evaluation and then release. Also there is a severely injured human that was shot by his own kind going to critical." he said before turning "Make sure none of these humans are Sick or to weak to move. If so take them to the Healers" he barked an order, he looked over to see the Zealot gone. "Hmm...he seems to be busy today" he chuckled as he followed the long group of prisoners.

Arch ran sped past many different races of the Covenant nearly knocking them down. He rushed as fast as he could to get to Kronos "Of all things...A Pregnancy! This day hasn't been pleasant to me!" he said to himself, he saw some Elites that were part of the boarding party from earlier, they seemed to be going back on duty "YOU TWO! GET THE HUMAN CAPTAIN FOR ME!" He ordered as he ran passed them. They just looked at him baffled but did so taking off in a jog. Arch hope'd he would get there in time.


He got the pregnant female to Medical, he was hoping that this was going to be a smooth birth. This was the first time he had dealt with this. He laid her on the table easily "Se about to give birth!" he told the doctor, it was an Elite Male wearing a thin armor and clothing. He was a light build then most military Elites.
"I see. Nurses!" he hollered a few Elite females and mixed species came into the room with equipment, one of them was a Huragok that was purple. "I need to ask you, Arch, and the humans to leave" he said to the Supreme Commander.
"But Mommy" the little girl on his back muttered, one of the female Elite's came up to Kronos and asked to take her outside and keep her occupied, Kronos allowed it. He was about object but decided to do it "Very Well. You''l be safe human, you're in proper care" he turned to the others "Let's go outside" he said to them walking forward. Arch was standing at the doorway but moved out of anyone's way.
"No! I was a EMT a few years ago...a doctor. I can help, and you need all the help you can get" the woman of the group said.
"Come on then Human" the doctor said throwing her a coat "Clean up first" he ordered and she ran to do so.
Everyone else walked out into the hallway, Kronos was the last one to leave. The door closed behind him and locked, he walked to a nearby wall and leaned up against it.
Arch walked up to him "Kronos?"
"What is it Arch?" he acknowledged him.
"These Humans...they are armed!" he said looking at the group sitting on the floor looking at them "They shouldn't be carrying firearms on the ship Sire"
"They feel safer with them! Let Them!" he said with his eyes closed, Arch sighed at this bt kept quiet "Anything else to report friend?"
"The human Frigate that is still operational is docked with our ship...sadly half the crew is either dead or injured from the General's strike" he told Kronos, he saw Kronos open his eyes and look at him seriously "The General and even Thel Vadaam is demanding answers. It won't be long before they know what we are doing!" he said.
"Arch! It will be fine, by the time they sniff out our business we will be out of here with what we came for." he replied.
"I hope so Commander." he sighed "The other human ship is under repairs but it would be weeks if not months before it's fully repaired. Most of the crew perished, the rest are on the Corvette Triumphant Charity! The crew will survive their troubles." he finished as he saw the very same Elites from Before with the Captain of the human frigate. It looked like they had two human heavy armored...human's called them ODSTs "He comes the Captain of the surviving Human Vessel I called" he said to Kronos turning away.

Kronos looked quickly, getting off the wall and standing straight looking at the human.
The ONI Trooper saw him coming and stood up at attention "Officer on Deck!" he said sharply.
"At Ease Trooper" he said walking by not giving eye contact, the ONI Trooper followed. He wanted to know what was going on here. The Captain got to the massive Elite "Hello, I am Captain Danial of the UNSC Skyward Sword...and you?" he said to Kronos extending his hand.
"I'm Kronos, Supreme Commander of the Covenant! I'm sorry about you're ship and the crew" he replied.
"As long we aren't dead then were ok. As long the Covenant realized their mistake of attacking the humans..." he said, this cause Kronos and Arch to look at one another, the Captain saw this " this something else?"
Kronos sighed "It's something else. We are acting alone in this matter...the Hierachs know nothing of our betrayal of the Covenant. We came here to the planet you call Reach to look for a certain individual and uncover some other secrets that might answer the ones we have need answered currently." He told him.
The Captain shook his head confused "You're acting alone. I see...thought this would be a day of peace" he sighed "Whom are you looking for?" he asked.
"A Demon...or what you're people call a Spartan" Kronos replied.
"Commander...I'm sorry to tell you this but most to all Spartans are dead. The two current ones are near dead" he said to Kronos.
"What?! You have Spartans? What are there Designations!" he almost demanded.
This somewhat caught him off guard "Woah! Uhhh...S-1202 and S-1484...both Spartan IIIs. Which Spartan are you looking for?"
Kronos's eyes went a bit heavy and sighed "I wish he was there. but it isn't that simple." he paused "I'm looking Sierra-116. Spartan II" he told the Captain.
The Captain thought for a second, before remembering something "I do remember ONI ordering us to get a satellite and retrieve Intel from a site located under an old abandoned factory in the north pole. Something about the numbers 116 came up. Maybe that can help you." he told Kronos "The Satellite is located on Spacial Grid 2634/29R62...amongst the floating debris of a MAC Station hidden...the location in North pole is the only factory up there...don't know why it was built but it has the information there." he said to him.
"Thank you Captain Danial" he thanked him "Arch, order the Truth and Harbinger to obtain the information that human satellite and get whatever lurks under that factory. We can't let others know of our doing...we have almost over stayed our welcome." he told Arch and he nodded with a "Yes Sire" before taking off.
"I'll go with you're ship." the ONI Trooper said "I'm ONI, I can help in some way to getting the information if needed." he said.
"Fine then Human! Go to the Hanger and talk to the Hanger Master...tell them I sent you there." he told the Human, he instantly took off without saying anything.

" need to thank us. You've done more to help us then we could. You deserve our help." the Captain said, he looked at the door once he heard a woman moan painfully on the other side.
"A pregnant human female. She is giving birth." he said before he remembered something, the Human child. He looked around and the two where nowhere to be around. "Blast!" he cursed before looking at the Captain "Meet me in my quarters tomorrow Captain Danial, bring all you're officers...we'll speak again there." he said before taking off.
The Captain waved not saying a word, he looked at the door. He took a seat and waited, his ODSTs talked to the other human survivors that waited.


Kronos ran through part of the ship looking for them, he hadn't found them. He even asked many others and they hadn't seen the Elite Female or Human Child.
He asked a Spec Ops Jackal where if he'd seen any, he would know since he was a patrol.
He told him he seen them head to the 'Off Limits' part of the ship. His hearts skipped a beat as he ran to the lower levels fast as he could, he needed to stop them before they got themselves killed or worse. A fate worse then death awaited for them if they ventured into the place.

He came close as he came around a corner to be suddenly greeted by two Elite Honor Guard, he nearly ran them down. They didn't even flinch at this but the little human child and the Elite Nurse did.
"There you...two are!" he said getting his breath.
"We found these two down here. We were escorting back to the upper levels Sire" the one on the left said.
"I deeply apologize Sire. I didn't mean to bring here down here. I thought showing her the ship might help her. I'm sorry! Forgive me!" the nurse uttered. Her voice was sweat and tender.
Kronos sighed "No need to be forgiven. You have done nothing wrong, you was just helping her." he looked down to see the little one hiding behind underneath the Honor Guard "I'll take it from here." he ordered the two Honor Guard, they nodded with before turning away going back on duty. "Come with me you two, let's go to the Life Support Rooms" he said to them both. The Elite Female picked up the little girl in her arms, she joined the Commander on the walk.

-3rd person-

They walked slow to the Life Support bay which this ship had some upgraded versions with life plants and trees and fauna to provide clean oxygen throughout the ship, also the crew enjoyed walking through gave them some time away from the war at times and eased their minds.
Kronos could not help but talk to the Female Elite and try to communicate with the child. The child wasn't much of a speaker but he found out her name from the Female, Veronica. Kronos liked the name.

Kronos couldn't help but check out the Elite Female. She was 7ft high, curvy, and had a sweet voice. He tried not look at her too much or none at all...he wanted to keep respect for his battle group.
What he didn't know the Elite Female was doing the same to him but she did the same as he did...keep respect for him.

They walked to the Life Support bay, though it was at least an hour walk but they got there.


A few hours pass and the little girl is asleep in the Female's arms, she enjoyed seeing the beautiful blooming flowers and such. Kronos had gotten to know the little girl a bit more before she passed out...he knew she was tired. He even got to know more about the Female.
"You are good with the young" Kronos said.
She chuckled "Thanks. I was raised in a big family back on Sanghelios...I learned how to care for young." she replied, she thougt for a second "Can she stay in my quarters with me...and her mother?" she asked all of a sudden "It be better then them staying anywhere else that could be dangerous.".
She had a point and also had a kind heart, he nodded "Very well. If you so wish for it..." he said, didn't know her name.
"Oh. My name is Mulana" she replied "And thank you Sire."
"Just call me Kronos...and that's a beautiful name" he told her.
She blushed lightly "Uhm...thanks. You're name is a powerful one" she chuckled a bit.
He laughed a bit "Thanks!" he replied, he then heard something on his Internal com system "It seems her mother has given birth to a healthy boy...saved a family" he smiled and looked at the little one in her arms.
"I'll take her back to her mother before the night and talk to her about my proposal. You have a goodnight Kronos" she said getting up, bowing a bit respectively, then leaving.
"You too Mulana" he said as she left the Life Support bay.

He sat there for a few extra minutes before getting up. He decided to walk around the ship, to check on everything. He needed to see what was all going on.


He discovered awful news, Thel Vadaam has ordered an Investigation at the request of the General, this was really bad. Kronos knew they couldn't stay here much longer. So he decided to call in the rest of the fleet.
He currently had a fleet of- 1 CSS (Upgraded) Mk.2 Battle Cruiser, 3 SDV class heavy corvettes, 2 CRS class light cruisers, 1 CPV class heavy destroyer, and 1 DAV class light corvette-

He had for back up in case of anything went bad and support- 2 Agricultural Support Ship (one of them had an additional reactors to help recharge weapons and a factory on-board to constantly resupply anything they needed), a Frigate Class, a RCS Class armored cruiser, and a additional 2 CRS class light cruisers- All on standby for emergency.

He decided to have them come in and regroup behind one of the moons of the planet tomorrow. He learned that the Human's have some fighters and bombers with a Human Attack Ship class C-II or what a human's call a 'Halcyon Light Battle Cruiser' was nearby, though it's Slip-space drive was destroyed it was still working, fighting, and could be of some use. So he allowed a Human officer leave from a dropship to rendezvous with them to bring them to the moon. They could need all the help they could get.
On good news though he learned that the Triumph and Harbinger has already retrieved the Satellite and all it's Intel and it currently at the site on the north pole of the planet... found a huge stockpile of human weapons for their ships, their forces, and it's said to be enough to supply them for a few major engagements... so rendezvous with the fleet by early morning. Well, it was until he ordered a SDV to assist them in taking supplies left behind even on the human defense stations and rubble, though the SDV had to hide within the planet's atmosphere.
He learned that the human vessel had two more demons aboard but both not the one he was looking for.

He went back to his quarters, sat there and reflected on some things. Reviewing evidence and findings, he wanted to make sure he didn't get anything wrong so he called for help.
His door opened a small blue light came into the room. His help arrived and he smiled at this.
He looked up to see a floating cube with a teal colored eye, it had some type of buzzing sound as it hovered.
"I need you're help Oracle. You know we got to find him." he said to the machine.
"Yes! If we don't bad things will happen, where do we start!" it said happily in it's voice.
"From the beginning, Oracle. How it all came to be" He stood up and looked out his view port to see burning Reach.
"Hm...Tragic. This world had some knowledge of the other Installations...sadly it's all gone now. At least we'll hopefully find him. Perhaps he can undo everything that will come." it said to him as it hovered next to him.
"What about all the LIVES lost here Oracle!" he said aggressively at him.
"Oh...Sorry. You know I'm still recovering, my matrix isn't what it used to be Kronos." his color changed a bit but returned to normal.
He sighed "I know Oracle. I know...forgive me. I'm just stressed, that's all." he replied.
"I understand and I forgive you. But remember, you saved what Reclaimers- I mean humans you could...better then getting none at all. It could be worst. Just be thankful for the things for what they are..." it replied to his comment.
He thought for a second, he nodded "You're right. You're wise Oracle."
"Why you keep calling me that." it laughed a bit "Let's get this done, before anything tries to hinder our progress!" he said.
Kronos turned and nodded "Let's!"
Hey Everyone! Here is yet another chapter of the series. I did this in less then two hours, I hope I'm not rushing it because. I think I'm not doing good with this at all. Someone please tell me if I could be making a mistake or not lol...thank you
Looks like things are happening, lots of interesting things are happening. I had to speed things up in this because it would have been another 3-4 chapters just filled with just about nothing...and I kinda want to get this series done so I can do my other Halo side story that ties with this one and Halo-Two Worlds Entwined. I hope I'm doing the right thing.
Hey, 4 spartans are coming up. YAYz! More Spartans :D.
See you all in the next one!

*Halo belongs to it's rightful owners*
*I own the OCs*
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